The objective of this procedure is to remove bacteria from the root surfaces in deeper pockets.  The seal between the gums and the teeth has been damaged by bacteria growing up under the gum line.  With the gums pulling away from the teeth because of this broken seal, bacteria can now destroy or alter the jaw bone.

The Procedure

The gums are carefully pulled back from the teeth allowing complete access and visibility to the damaged root surfaces.  All bacteria are removed from the roots as the roots are thoroughly cleaned.  Any irregularities of the jaw bone are also corrected or smoothed at this time.  Once the roots are free of bacteria, the gums can then re-attach back to the roots and form a strong seal.  This strong seal will prevent any additional damage to the jaw bone.  Stitches are required to reattach the gums back to the teeth and a dressing is used as a bandage for several days after the surgical procedure. Patients will now be able to clean and maintain oral health as the deeper pockets or gaps that harbor bacteria have been eliminated.